Cannabis Production & Retail


Cultivation, Manufacturing and Dispensary Facility

Hesnor Engineering Associates was charged with providing MEP consulting services for a phased renovation of an existing multi-story industrial facility. The designs included plans for clone rooms, vegetative growth rooms, bloom/flower rooms, drying/cure rooms, an extraction laboratory, kitchen, medical and recreational dispensary, and miscellaneous office and production spaces. In order to maintain the target vapor pressure deficits (VPD) required, the MEP design included energy-efficient air handling units in order to achieve the low sensible heat ratios. The power system, which included provisions for emergency power with automatic switchover, featured a dual-ended switchboard (main tie-in arrangement) where HEA coordinated with the utility for two dedicated electrical services.

Medical Cultivation and Extraction Facility

Hesnor Engineering Associates was involved in designing plans for a new construction project which was to house grow facilities for medical cannabis cultivation. The MEP design showcased redundant HVAC systems with automatic changeover capabilities. In-rack, multi-level air distribution systems were developed in-house to provide adequate airflow at each canopy level. In addition, HEA designed the building’s utilities (power, water, sewer, natural gas, etc.), lighting and fire alarm power distribution, automated irrigation systems, natural gas distribution, and drainage, waste and venting systems.

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