Industrial & Research


Global Industrial Research Facility

For over 20 years, HEA has provided on-call M/E/P, process and industrial engineering services to a prominent industrial research client. We have successfully completed over 2,000 projects at this facility to support their research in multiple industrial market sectors. Projects have included boiler plants, chiller plants, fire protection, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, process systems, laboratory fit-ups, test cell fit-ups, power supply and distribution, lighting, water supply and wastewater systems, and security systems.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

HEA was responsible for the design of M/E/P systems associated with the conversion of a vacant 30,000 SF warehouse into a state-of-the-art laboratory. The M/E/P design included new boiler and chiller plants; laboratory exhaust systems; fume hoods; a new process gas tank farm and all associated utility transmission systems; electrical service and power distribution systems; emergency power; interior, task and site lighting; data and telecommunication systems. A new underground wastewater treatment system was also designed.

Medical Systems Manufacturer

HEA has been working at this expanding manufacturing facility since 2016. Projects have included extending M/E/P systems and process utilities into 23,000 square feet of new space to accommodate a manufacturing expansion, M/E/P design for a 40,000 SF manufacturing addition to an existing building, and site-wide electrical service upgrades (new switchgear, upgrades to primary service, etc.).

Industrial Metallurgy Facility

HEA designed the M/E/P utilities and systems associated a new state-of-the-art metallurgy laboratory on an industrial research campus. The project included fume hood selection and specification as well as high hazard exhaust; make-up air, laboratory waste; electrical power, distribution and controls; TGMS; e-stop; fire alarm; and stringent temperature and humidity control systems. Laboratory equipment included electron microscopes; an SEM microscope; high-resolution optical microscopes; and cutting, polishing and grinding stations.

Filtration Systems Manufacturer

HEA provided commissioning services associated with the installation of a hydrogen recycling plant at a filtration manufacturing facility. The system can recycle up to 100 kg of hydrogen per day from an industrial exhaust stream of mixed gasses containing contaminants such as CO2, CO, N2 and CH4. The two Bell-type furnaces utilized at the facility were realized to be prime candidates for this technology, yielding significant hydrogen reclamation results for the Owner and helping to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint. HEA tapped their 20 years of experience in industrial and process projects to develop the system manual for the unit. This experience paved the way for the development of a clear and concise plan required for the installation and operation of the hydrogen recycling facility.

Institute of Clinical Pharmacodynamics

HEA designed the M/E/P systems for a renovation project to accommodate laboratories, offices and conference spaces for the Institute of Clinical Pharmacodynamics, a Schenectady, NY-based translational medicine group that assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with bringing their drugs to market through advanced pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses. HEA’s M/E/P design for the laboratory accommodated specialized casework, equipment, and a vivarium.

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