Medical Cannabis Cultivation & Extraction Facility

Medical Cannabis Cultivation & Extraction Facility

HEA was contracted to provide M/E/P consulting services for a large new facility initially dedicated to medical cannabis production with the capacity to handle future recreational demand. The facility utilized two-tier growing racks to maximize production capacity as well as an ethanol extraction laboratory.

The M/E/P design showcased redundant HVAC systems with changeover capabilities. HEA also designed all aspects of the building’s utilities (power, water, sewer, natural gas, etc.), and developed power distribution within the space for lighting and fire alarm, interior water distribution (including automated irrigation systems), natural gas distribution, and drainage, waste and venting systems. Provisions for emergency power with automatic changeover capabilities were incorporated into the design to protect the owner’s investment in the event of a power disruption event.

The power system design included utility coordination and provisions to more than double future expansion to accommodate forecasted aggressive market demands. It also included an auxiliary generator to support security, IT and certain office functions in the event of a general power outage.

Notably, HEA is the M/E/P design engineer for a facility expansion project at this site.

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