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Cannabis Production

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) requires a fundamentally different approach than typical comfort cooling. Plant health, and in turn owner profits, depends on a stable environment that facilitates optimal nutrient uptake through controlled transpiration rates. Effectively managing both sensible and high latent loads to maintain an optimal vapor pressure difference is essential. HEA is experienced with the systems and equipment required for owners to achieve significant returns on their investments. 

Through our experience designing grow facilities, HEA has gained hands-on knowledge of the specialized M/E/P equipment required for indoor grow operations, as well as their building utility requirements. Our designs address:

HVAC systems designed for high latent loads in cultivation and curing rooms. These systems must be able to handle low sensible heat ratios that standard HVAC equipment cannot accommodate.

Sequences of operations, controls and integrated BMS systems to achieve precise control of environmental conditions and growing operations, including CO2 concentrations, lighting levels, and power demands.

Pressure cascading to maintain negative pressures in grow areas and reduce odor migration while keeping positive pressures at the exterior to eliminate unfiltered air from entering the facility.

Redundancies / emergency power systems with automatic changeover capabilities.

Phased and / or modular construction plans that allow owners to bring their facilities on-line under fast-tracked schedules to meet market demands.

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