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With over two decades of experience working in hospitals and medical offices, HEA is familiar with the FGI guidelines for the construction of healthcare facilities, infection control procedures, three-branch power requirements and the stringent air change rates and pressure relationships required for these spaces. Much of our work has been in active hospitals, so we know how to implement phased equipment and system upgrades in medical facilities where maintaining operations is critical. 

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Healthcare Case Studies

Ellis Medicine Urgent Care / Primary Care Center

HEA designed the M/E/P fit-ups for a new 10,000 sf Ellis Medicine Urgent and Primary Care Center in a newly...

Glens Falls Hospital, MRI Facilities Expansion

HEA provided design services for M/E/P systems and building utility extensions associated with the expansion of two Magnetic Resonance Imaging...
Hesnor Engineering Associates - Albany, NY and Adams, MA.

Fairview Hospital, Renal Dialysis Center

HEA provided design services for M/E/P and FP systems associated with the renovation of a 9,100-sf existing building to accommodate...

Berkshire Medical Center

HEA designed new M/E/P systems for BMC’s surgical and orthopedic suites. Mechanical design included new 140 and 130-ton air handling...
Hesnor Engineering Associates - Albany, NY and Adams, MA.