Fairview Hospital, Renal Dialysis Center

Fairview Hospital, Renal Dialysis Center

HEA provided design services for M/E/P and FP systems associated with the renovation of a 9,100-sf existing building to accommodate a new dialysis center. The project’s program included 18 dialysis stations as well as a nurse station, clean storage space, soiled utility room, and waiting and reception areas.  

HEA’s mechanical work included providing a new indoor air handling unit; new supply and return distribution system (including VAV boxes with reheat coils for zoning); an exhaust air system with ductwork and roof mounted exhaust fans; boiler, expansion tank, air separator and pumps; fin-tube and cabinet heaters at perimeter and building entrances; and a new DDC temperature control system connected to the hospital’s building management system.

Electrical work included a new service and service entrance equipment, power distribution systems (including three-branch power), a new diesel emergency generator and automatic transfer switches, new LED lighting and controls, new fire alarm system devices (strobes, horn/strobes, pull stations, etc.), data/communications and CATV system outlets, nurse call and emergency call systems, a public address system, and a new access control system.

Plumbing work included a new domestic water service and service entrance equipment, new building sewer and DWV systems (epoxy-coated drainage piping was provided for all dialysis equipment), new domestic cold and hot-water distribution system (including gas-fired water heaters, thermostatic mixing valves and recirculation pumps) and medical gas storage and distribution systems. 

Fire protection work included a new fire suppression service entrance equipment (backflow, alarm valves, fire dept. connection, etc.) and an NFPA 13 compliant sprinkler system.

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